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our company

We are focused on addressing your issue in a qualified, cost conscience manner to meet or exceed your expectation.

Computer Repair

We support most technology platforms available today. If there is a circumstance that we do not have expertise in, we will recommend a vendor that can address the issue you have. We will make cost conscience recommendations at all times, giving you the choice on how to resolve any issue.

Sale of components

We do not sell hardware or software, however we will recommend to you where and how to obtain these elements in the most cost effective manner. If you wish for us to execute the transaction, we will do so at your direction by you providing the mechanism to execute the purchase.

Warranty service

We will assist you in obtaining warranty service for any device that is covered by warranty. We will investigate warranty status before making any changes to the environment that might invalidate the warranty coverage.

Customer-oriented service

Our focus is to address your issue in a manner that is respectful of your right to choose. We want your experience with our service to be a positive one, to your advantage.

High standards

We read about industry advancements, test and execute procedures that have proven to be successful in other environments. Our goal is to deliver trustworthy, reliable service in all cases.


In all circumstances that involve personal identifiable information, we will always protect your identity. We offer a “wipe clean” service to prep equipment/software for disposal so that your information is not exposed to the public.


We offer services to address most issues you will encounter in your use of technology.

Enough suffering with a weak computer!

Do the work faster – let us assist you with an update of your computer or recommend buying a new one.